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DASH TWO is a media buying agency based in Los Angeles, delivering expert solutions for the music and entertainment industries. DASH TWO specializes in online and outdoor physical spaces, usually connecting the two, with campaigns including social media ads, PPC help, video creation and outdoor campaigns utilizing billboards, bus benches, ...

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Julia Thomas
812-339-1195 x 206

Multifaceted Ad Exec Lauren Berkowitz Joins LA Digital and OOH Agency DASH TWO

Lauren Berkowitz has joined DASH TWO’s LA office, bringing a broad range of experience to the boutique digital/OOH agency. Berkowitz knows the business inside and out, from publisher ad sales to selling OOH in 280 airports at Clear Channel. Berkowitz has also held positions at Motor Trend Group, American Media, Inc., Adknowledge, Brite Media, & Rouge Media, where she managed sales and the team responsible for the non-traditional OOH media company’s Campus Network.

One element of the work connects it all for Berkowitz: “I’ve always had a passion for solving problems, for creativity. A client comes to me with a need and I get to come up with a solution.”

DASH TWO’s diverse clients, from fashion and beverages to music and entertainment, mean Berkowitz and her colleagues need to see the entire ad and media landscape when successfully executing campaigns. “This is a unique opportunity to marry all my worlds into one,” says Berkowitz. “My approach can be very recommendation oriented, not just about sales or media buys. I get to work with digital and print and billboards, everything. In my past positions, I was always having to go find the answer if I didn’t know it. I love that, and it allows me to provide outstanding advice to our customers.”

“With DASH TWO’s recent growth spurt, Lauren is the perfect addition to our team to help us catapult to the next level,” says DASH TWO founder and CEO Gino Sesto. “Her experience and knowledge of how to maximize the impact of everything from coffee sleeves to mobile ads will help us further improve the top-notch service we offer clients.”

Along with its innovative work culture, Berkowitz appreciates the gender balance at DASH TWO. “Many more women are being elevated across the media landscape recently. It’s been a male dominated industry for so long,” she reflects. “In the LA office we have more women than men. It’s an unusual balance, and it’s wonderful. In general, we have a great blend of personalities and traits, a real family feeling. It’s a great environment.”